The Brain of the Content & Licensing Value Chain

The Platform

Enterprise rights management, strategically tailored to how each group needs it.


Manage contract terms for acquisitions, originals, and elemental rights.


Manage royalties, guarantees, budgeting & forecasting, amortization, and cash flow.


Deal management and fulfillment for content, merchandise, digital, publishing, and live events.

Licensing Customer Portal

An online CRM for avails, sales, royalties, and forecasts.

Live Avails

Real-time programming and sales opportunity analysis

Licensing x

Automatically calculates, formats, and delivers royalty statements to Licensors.


Schedule free, subscription, and transactional content.


Plain English Q&A, powerful visualizations, flexible, customizable, on demand or on schedule.

The Benefits

Do better deals, leverage your rights, automate your business, grow revenue.

Acquisition & Production

You do amazing deals. We make sure every deal point you negotiated pays off.

Business & Legal Affairs

Automated real-time rights clearances and avails to reduce compliance and infringement costs.

Programming & Digital

Up-to-date avails and real-time clearances free you to build schedules right.


Up-to-date avails catalog lets you see what’s available to sell in real-time.


Accounting close done quickly and easily. Detailed rights “chart of accounts” gives full insight into asset performance.


Fast error-free calculations and invoicing, with complete reporting and auditing.


  • No Limits: Enterprise depth and flexibility, future-proofed, for unlimited assets, globally
  • No Waiting: Real time avails
  • No Work-Arounds: More, complete tools for total tick-and-tie
  • No Walls: Our tools work with every other system, even our competitors'
  • No Double Data Entry: Open APIs for easy integration
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Case Studies

The most complex and demanding businesses in the world rely on RSG Media to help grow revenue and profits. Read how we deliver for our customers.